Solo Aging Webinar

May 30th at 6 PM PST

Our one hour Solo Aging Webinar gives you the insight you've been missing from traditional retirement professionals. As an elder law attorney for over 20 years, Rajiv Nagaich offers a fresh take and new approach on the exhausting field of retirement planning. AgingOptions focuses on holistic LifePlanning to help you plan a successful retirement that doesn't end with you in institutional care, going broke, or becoming a burden on your loved ones. Register now for the one hour online webinar!

Your plan to avoid the nursing home, avoid going broke paying for care, and avoid burdening your loved ones starts HERE.

Create a plan for retirement that solves the problems financial portfolios, legal documents, and long-term care insurance policies don't address.

Most Americans go into retirement thinking that a financial plan, Medicare coverage, an estate plan, and long-term care insurance will be enough to deliver their dream retirement. If your health fails, it won't! You can have a millions in your retirement fund, but still end up forced into a care facility against your will. You can have long-term care insurance and still lose assets (or go broke) paying for care. You can have all the legal documents experts recommend and still create massive burdens (and difficult conflicts) for your family.

If your goal in retirement is to avoid being forced to move to institutional care, avoid going broke paying for care, and avoid becoming a burden on your loved ones, traditional retirement planning advice won't deliver the results you want, but a LifePlan will.

Create the Blueprint for the Rest of Your Life

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Discover the Secrets of Living Happily Ever After During Retirement

Get to Know Rajiv Nagaich

Rajiv Nagaich, J.D. L.L.M., author of
Your Retirement: Dream or Disaster, is an elder law attorney, speaker, and retirement planning visionary. He hosts two popular public television specials (Master Your Future and The Path to Happily Ever After) and the AgingOptions Radio Show, which has been dispensing retirement planning advice to people in the Pacific Northwest for more than two decades. Rajiv Nagaich has received wide praise for his work. He was inducted as a Fellow by the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) in 2014. He is a three-time NAELA Pacesetter Award winner and a commissioner at the Law and Aging Commission at the American Bar Association. Rajiv Nagaich is the founding partner of Life Point Law in Federal Way, Washington, and the Chief Executive Officer of AgingOptions.

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