Master Your Future
LifePlanning Workbook

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Your plan to avoid the nursing home, avoid going broke paying for care, and avoid becoming a burden on your family starts here!

FINALLY! A Retirement Planning Approach That Actually Works!

  • 200+ pages of exceptional content you won't find anywhere else

  • Dozens of worksheets designed to help you bridge the gaps that lead to disaster

  • Explore detailed information about your options, including things certain professionals hope you don't find out

  • Create your personal LifePlan roadmap

  • Learn how to select and work with professional advisors


Create a Plan for Retirement that Solves the Problems Financial Plans, Legal Documents & Long-Term Care Insurance Policies Don't Address

Health issues during your retirement years create problems that your financial plan, your estate plan, and your long-term care insurance policy can't solve. You can have a fortune and still end up forced into institutional care after a health crisis. You can have a long-term care insurance policy and still lose assets to unplanned care costs. You can have all the right legal documents, yet create crushing burdens and lifelong conflict for the people you love most.


The Master Your Future LifePlanning Workbook walks you step by step through the process of creating a LifePlan for retirement that will help you avoid these retirement nightmares. Increase the odds that you can live where you choose throughout your retirement years, even if you get sick, without running out of money and without recruiting your family into service as your unpaid caregivers. The Master Your Future LifePlanning Workbook shows you how!